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Full Version: Directions to our tracks
Massive thx to Ma 'n Pa for giving us these directions and providing the map!

Directions to our tracks.

Port Lincoln

Directions to the Port Lincoln Dirt Circuit Track

Stamford Raceway
Concorde Road
Port Lincoln

• When coming into Port Lincoln on the Lincoln Highway, turn right at the second roundabout onto New West Road.(There is usually a Dirt Circuit sign in the middle of the roundabout)
• Follow this road for about 3.5ks until you reach a T Junction
• Turn right onto Western Approach Road
• Take the first turn left (about 270m) at Concorde Road which is a dirt road (DC Sign on the LHS at the corner)
• The track is about 270m on the RHS

• Alternately, turn right at the 4th roundabout onto Mortlock Terrace.
• Follow this road for about 5.5ks (it changes to Yandra Tce then Western Approach Road)
• Look for the Dirt Circuit sign on the LHS and turn left at Concorde Road

• If approaching on the Flinders Highway, look for the Blue Sign – “Port Lincoln 5ks”
• Concorde Road is about 300m further on, at the top of the hill on the RHS


Directions to the Port Pirie Dirt Circuit Track

• If travelling from Adelaide on the Port Wakefield Road, turn left at the second exit into Port Pirie
• The track is about 1.3ks on the RHS

• If travelling from Port Augusta turn right at the first exit into Port Pirie.


Directions to Roxby Downs Track

Red Dunes Raceway
Opal Road
Roxby Downs

• Take the first turn into Roxby Downs and follow the road (Olympic Way) past the town
• Turn left at Opal Road, which is a dirt road
• The track is about 340m on the RHS

• If you take the second turn into Roxby (Axehead Road) follow this road until you reach a T Junction
• Turn right onto Olympic Way
• After about 600m turn left at Opal Road


Directions to the Whyalla Track

8 Mile Creek Raceway
Mullaquana Road

• Mullaquana Road turns off of the Lincoln Highway (Broadbent Terrace)
• If travelling from Cowell it is about 1.8ks to the turn off after the start of the double lane highway.
• Look for the Sundowner Hotel on the LHS
• Turn right onto Mullaquana Road 300m after the Sundowner Hotel
• Once on Mullaquana Road there is a sharp turn right after about 400m then follow the road for about 4ks
• The track is on the LHS

• If travelling from Port Augusta follow the highway (Playford Avenue) through the town until you reach a T Junction
• Turn right onto Lincoln Highway
• Turn left onto Mullaquana Road after about 1.8ks
• Mullaquana Road is a sealed road


Directions to the Black Rock Track

Harris Park
Black Rock

• Black Rock is situated between Orroroo and Peterborough
• It is 13ks south from Orroroo, 25.5ks north from Peterborough and 44ks north from Jamestown

• Travelling from Orroroo follow the road for about 11ks and you will see the road from Peterborough entering on the LHS
• If you look to the right you will also see the Dirt Circuit Track from here
• Keep following the road around the RH bend and over the railway line
• At the end of the next LH bend you will see a dirt road directly to the right and the Black Rock DC sign.
• Turn sharp right and follow the dirt road into the Track

• There is a dirt track to the right, just as you cross the railway line that you can also take, which will connect with the dirt road mentioned above. Follow this for a short distance and you come to a Y Junction – turn right at the Y Junction

• If travelling from Peterborough, turn left at the T Junction and follow the above instructions

• If travelling from Jamestown, look for the Black Rock DC sign just before the first RH sweeping bend
• Travel straight ahead onto the dirt road


Directions to the Arno Bay Track

Rehn’s Raceway
Arno Bay

• The Arno Bay Track is located off of the Arno Bay to Cleve Road

• If travelling from Whyalla / Cowell, turn right at the road to Cleve, just before Arno Bay
• If travelling from Port Lincoln – turn left, just after passing Arno Bay
• Follow this road for about 7.5ks and look for the Track Sign on the RHS
• Turn Right onto a dirt road
• The Track is just over 1k down the dirt road and is on the LHS

• If travelling from Cleve it is almost 17ks to the turn off on the LHS
• Turn left


Directions to the Ceduna Track

Andoc Park

• The Ceduna Track is located off of Denial Bay Road

• Follow the Eyre Highway into town – the road veers left
• Turn right in the town centre at the roundabout (Eyre Highway to WA)
• Follow the highway out of town for about 2.2ks
• You will see the Fruit Fly Stop on the RHS of the road before the turnoff
• About 350m after this is the turn off to Denial Bay Road on the LHS
• Turn left
• Follow this road for about 6ks
• You will see the Track Signs and the Track on the RHS
• Turn right to enter the track

• Alternately, instead of going through the town centre, go straight ahead from the Eyre Highway on to Kuhlmann Street
• Go through one roundabout
• Turn right at the next main intersection (Eyre Highway)
• Follow this road for about 1.7ks to the Denial Bay Road turn off
• Then follow the above instructions


Directions to the Truro Track

Truro and Districts Raceway
Frankton Road

• The Truro Track is located off of Frankton Road which is North of Truro

• If travelling to Truro from Nuriootpa or Kapunda, turn left at Truro onto the Eudunda Road
• If travelling from Blanchetown, turn right onto the Eudunda Road
• Follow this road for about 9ks, passing through Dutton
• The turn off to Frankton Road is about 1.4ks from Dutton on the RHS – look for the sign post to ‘Truro & Districts Raceway’
• Turn Right – Frankton Road is a dirt road
• Follow this road for about 1.6ks and you will see the Track on the LHS
• Turn left

• If travelling from Morgan turn left at the road to Truro or turn right if coming from Saddleworth / Marrabel
• The turn off to Frankton Road is about 21ks on the LHS
• Turn left and follow the above instructions

Thanks to Stirls for this map

ELLISTON - Currently not racing

Directions to the Elliston Track

Elliston is on the West Coast, between Port Lincoln and Streaky Bay

• If you are travelling from Port Lincoln on the Flinders Highway, turn right just before you get to Elliston onto the Road to Lock – the ‘Birdseye Highway’.
• Follow this road for about 3.8ks, the turn off to the Track is on the RHS

• If you are travelling from Ceduna / Streaky Bay, just after you have passed Elliston, turn left onto the Road to Lock.

• If you are travelling from Lock, the turn off to the track is about 5.5ks from Bramfield on the LHS.


* Arno Bay

* Black Rock

* Ceduna

* Elliston - not currently racing

* Port Augusta

* Port Lincoln

* Port Pirie

* Roxby Downs

* Whyalla

* Truro


  • Travelling from Port Pirie on the Port Wakefield Road, follow the highway through the town.

  • Cross the bridge over Spencer Gulf to Port Augusta West.

  • About 1km after the bridge the road sweeps around to the left and you will see signs to Coober Pedy and Alice Springs - Turn Right onto the Stuart Highway.

  • Follow Stuart Highway for about 4km and turn right onto Yorkey's Crossing, this is a dirt road.

  • Follow the dirt road for about 600m and you will see signs for the track - turn right.

  • If you're coming from Whyalla, turn left onto the Stuart Highway and continue with the directions above.

  • If you are coming south from Roxby the turn off to Yorkey's Crossing is about 800m past the big white sign saying 'Vehicles exceeding 4 meters width must travel via Yorkey's Crossing'. The Yorkey's Crossing sign is on the RHS - Turn left here.

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