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Welcome to! This website is designed to make it easier for members and spectators to find information about our great sport.

The website you see doesn't stop here, we also have an online discussion forum which is free to use by everyone! It has all the latest info, pics, videos. A big thanks goes out to our members for their contributions which make our website and forum what it is. It wouldn't be possible without them!

If you can't find what you're after on the website, have a look on the forum as it's loaded with info and discussions. It's absolutely free to use so join up today!

Dirt Circuit - A brief History
Dirt circuit Racing is a popular & exciting form of motor sport that through the auspices of the Associated Dirt Circuit Clubs of South Australia Inc. (ADCCSA) is promoted by several member clubs in the Northern and Western regions of South Australia.

Dirt Circuit Racing had its origins when the Whyalla Car Club commenced promotion of the sport in 1974. Within a few years clubs at Pt. Lincoln, Woomera & Pt. Pirie had adopted a similar racing format. Interclub competitions became popular and an inter club championship began to develop.

The interest continued to grow & during 1981 the motor sport clubs of Whyalla car Club, Tumby Bay Sporting Car Club, Pt. Lincoln Sporting Car Club, and the Sporting Car Club of Port Pirie, joined forces to form a management body known as the Associated Dirt Circuit Clubs of South Australia Inc. This body has elected representatives from all the member clubs, and its formation was a major step that has enabled the development, improvement and standardisation of the regulations of the sport.

The Association now has consolidated with 9 member clubs, comprising of the Arno Bay Dirt Circuit Club, Black Rock Dirt Circuit Club, Ceduna Dirt Circuit Club, Port Augusta Sporting Car Club, Port Lincoln Sporting Car Club, Sporting Car Club of Port Pirie, Roxby Downs Sporting Car Club, Truro & Districts Raceway & Whyalla Car Club.

From the outset, Dirt Circuit Racing has been promoted as a relatively inexpensive and competitive form of motor sport. It has always had as its basic premise, to be a true club sport for persons from all walks of life with individuals involving themselves not for personal reward, but for the personal enjoyment of just being part of the sport, be they drivers, officials or other volunteers. General consensus is that this has been the fundamental reason for the growth and success of the sport, and must be preserved at all cost.

With dirt Circuit Racing firmly established in a large geographical area, the challenge for all individuals involved is to continue to provide a safe and enjoyable sport that remains within reach of all persons who wish to participate.

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